Ashley Brown (ladydemando) wrote in do_me_armand,
Ashley Brown


Hi, I was looking for a certain Armand fanfiction I read last year, unfortuantely my computer crashed I lost the link to the story and I cant find it anymore, but it was this BIG series, and from what i remember of it, Lestat and Armand go looking for Louis and Daniel, and catch them kissing, totally innocent, but Armand flips thinking Daniel is cheating on him, and beats him so badly that Marius finds daniel half dead, so Marius takes Daniel away from Armand....then beats the crap out of Armand as punishment...blah blah, later we found out Lestat is whroing himself out because as a mortal niki made him be a whore so they could pay rent and the vampire coven gets their portriat painted or something...uh this ring a bell to ANYONE and know where I can find it?
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